Missy Brit London, Wear It Your Way!

Fashion leg bags that are unique, stylish, and versatile for YOU and your Guy. Designed with security in mind so you're ready to go out knowing that you look good and your valuables are safe.

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City Chic Show Off Leg Bag

I love to keep up with the latest styles, so I go out with my leather fashion leg bag. Day or night, I carry everything I need, make-up, hair brush, iPad and more. Fastened to my leg, I feel confident knowing where my bag is when eating out, in a crowded bar and on busy streets. I love shopping and feel my cards are safe in the handy RFID lined pocket, and secret back pocket.

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City Chic On Parade Leg Bag

Some days I’m just so busy I need my hands free, so I wear my versatile fashion leg bag. I can carry all my personal essentials, and still wear the baby sling, hold little Charlie’s lead, all at the same time. I love the handy RFID lined pocket, and concealed back pocket. Secured to my leg, I can relax, I’m not going to leave it anywhere.

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City Chic Flaunt It Leg Bag

I keep my "can't go out without" valuables with me by wearing my handy, lightweight, hands-free fashion leg bag. It’s small, but big enough to fit my phone, keys, credit cards, lipstick, change and a little more. The waist and leg straps, hidden back pocket and the RFID lined pocket, make it feel secure. It's my perfect fashion accessory for a quick get up, take it and go.

Guy Brit Relaxed Leg Bag

Guy Brit Relaxed Quad Bag

Get out and about, without bulging-pocket syndrome, by simply wearing the Guy Brit Relaxed Quad bag. Good for keeping everything you carry in one place and adding a bit of coolness to your everyday look. It’s lightweight, and can fit your phone, keys, credit cards, protein bar, e-cig, change, passport and a little more. A slimline you, and you’re Ready to go!